Wedding photographer in Ireland – recommendation

I am not expecting that anyone will believe me without even a slightest shadow of doubt if I say that I know the best wedding photographer in the whole Ireland( and possibly also in many other European countries ), but the truth is that I really know such a person. His name is Daniel and he is absolutely amazing when comes to the wedding photography ( – he always visits the place, where a given wedding will take place, so he knows beforehand which spots are good for taking photographs and which should be avoided at all costs, because nothing interesting can be photographed there. That’s not all, however.
Daniel is a one-man company that can be found in the Internet under the name „DKPHOTO” – he has a very nicely designed website, where anyone will find a lot of interesting information about Daniel himself, his attitude towards his customers and also with the actual price list, offer and many, many other useful information. What is the most interesting for anyone interested in Daniel’s services is the fact that he does not charge you for a huge sum of money – it’s rather the opposite: for a very reasonable price you get a really wide( and adjustable! )range of services for the whole wedding day!

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